A Spelling Mistake

A Spelling Mistake

Spell in haste, repent at leisure. Middle-aged witch Quinn Callahan agrees to hold a book launch for the bestselling but recently dead author Bartholomew Branson. It's a small favor for the new vampire. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when the author arranges a huge launch party and someone dies. Spells are going wrong, the book contains a dreadful mistake and the town Spell in haste, repent at leisure. Middle-aged witch Quinn Callahan agrees to hold a book launch for the ...

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Title:A Spelling Mistake
Author:Nancy Warren
ISBN:Vampire Book Club #3
  • A Spelling Mistake (Vampire Book Club #3)
  • A Spelling Mistake (Vampire Book Club #3)
  • A Spelling Mistake (Vampire Book Club, #3)
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Average rating 4.54
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:230 pages pages

A Spelling Mistake Reviews

  • Judy
    Nov 15, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake by Nancy Warren The Vampire Book Club Series Book Three Quinn Callahan has let herself get sucked into something big. A launch party for Bartholomew Branson's new book, one that he'd written before he became one of the undead. The author was so down about...
  • Eden
    Dec 21, 2020
    2020 bk 379: Quinn agrees to hold a book launch party for recently deceased and newly made vampire Bartholomew Branson. Learning to work with publishers, publicists, advertising, bulk book ordering, internet pre-sales and present Quinn with challenges, but the best is yet to come. Bart...
  • Emma Rose Ribbons
    Nov 18, 2020
    Best-selling author Bartholomew Branson has just been turned into a vampire and it's our heroine's job to launch him a posthumous book launch party... where is widow turns up dead. This was perfectly fine, with a foray into plagiarism and the book industry, and had some fu...
  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    Feb 02, 2021
    4.5 Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited Joint Review with Bea from Bea's Book Nook Plot AVR: I think this plot is a bit tighter than the first two books. At least, it seems to run along at a quickish pace as Quinn gets down to the business of launching a ?dead? author?s ...
  • Theresa Derwin
    Nov 07, 2020
    Books, Blarney and Broken Dreams A Spelling Mistake: Vampire Book Club #3 Author: Nancy Warren Release date: 6th Nov 2020 Bartholomew Branson, a bestselling crime author is gutted there?ll be no launch party for his 17th and latest novel ?A Killer in His Sights?....
  • Barb Foerst
    Nov 03, 2020
    Quinn Callahan, owner of a bookshop in Ballydehag, Ireland, is also a witch. She has agreed to host a book launch for the recently undead vampire Bartholomew Branson. It seems simple enough ? order some books, involve the publishers, and a little advertising. And the day arrives and ...
  • Diane
    Nov 04, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake is the third book in the Vampire Book Club cozy mystery series. The main character is a middle-aged witch who has been sent to Ireland because she broke a big witch rule! Quinn still seems to find trouble and there is a lot of humor and mystery solving to enjoy in th...
  • Paula
    Nov 05, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake is the third book in the spin-off series Vampire Book Club by Nancy Warren. I had really thought that I could not like as series more than the Vampire Knitting Club but as this series continues with A Spelling Mistake This is becoming my new favorite. I have come to ...
  • Linda
    Oct 26, 2020
    Bartholomew Branson is a recently undead author of several thriller novels. His most recent, A Killer In His Sights, is being published posthumously, and the launch party is going to be held at The Blarney Tome bookshop in the village of Ballydehag, County Cork, Ireland. Present at ...
  • Kat Lebo
    Nov 22, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake, Book #3 in The Vampire Book Club, by Nancy Warren. Once again Warren delivers a great story. Set in Ireland, his series abounds in mythology and gorgeous scenery. In this episode, Quin is hosting a book launch for an author who recently died off the coast line ne...
  • Gemma
    Jan 31, 2021
    This series just keeps getting better. I'm loving getting to know the characters more. so much drama in a small irish village, and so much going on that no one knows about! witches vampires , spirits! undead writers. Great fun. I can't wait to see what happens next . T...
  • Andrea Stoeckel
    Nov 03, 2020
    ''I glanced at him. 'You?re going to a lot of trouble for ten euros.' 'I always find it isn?t the amount wagered that?s interesting, it?s the bet itself.'" Quinn Callahan, owner of the Blarney Tome, has taken on vampires, witches, familiars...
  • Miss W Book Reviews
    Nov 01, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake is Book 3 in the Vampire Book Club by Nancy Warren. I really LOVED this book! The mystery was so well written and kept me guessing until the very end! Bartholomew Branson is a published author that is recently undead and a new vampire. He is feeling down bec...
  • Micky Cox
    Nov 12, 2020
    What happens when a newly turned cranky vampire has a book released posthumously? Why throw him a book launch so he can secretly enjoy the release of course! What could possibly go wrong?? Humor abounds once again as Quinn wrangles vampires, witches and tries to keep all hidden from th...
  • Annette
    Nov 11, 2020
    This time around the author allows the reader to get to know more about an existing supporting character as his writing career drives this cozy mystery. This is an odd and unique crew but they are very supportive of one another, regardless. As skeletons pour out of the closets, I was a...
  • Rhonda Jones
    Dec 01, 2020
    Great Mystery Loved the story. New vampire Bartholomew is in a slump and irritating all the other vampires. When our heroine, the bookshop manager, offers to order 200 copies of his latest book, published posthumously, Bartholomew takes the offer and runs with it. Expands it. Makes ...
  • Susan
    Nov 04, 2020
    I enjoyed this cozy mystery that is the third book in this series. The characters are quirky and far from perfect. It was fun trying to guess who was the killer and what the motive was. There were lots of suspects and suspicious activity. I would definitely recommend this book and seri...
  • Liz
    Nov 08, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake by Nancy Warren -- worth the read! This is the third installment in Ms. Warren?s Vampire Book Club series and she doesn?t disappoint. Quinn Callahan, a middle age witch that has been sent to a small town, Ballydehag, in Ireland due to a witchy no-no for use of...
  • Deborah Gill
    Jan 24, 2021
    When Quinn decides to help her vampire friend things turn into a real nightmare. Bartholomew Branson learns that his last book before his demise, and being turned into a vampire, is being released he becomes depressed that he can not be part of the book launch. So Quinn decides to cont...
  • Catherine Stratman
    Jan 17, 2021
    Biddy is up to no good again! Biddy is at it again and this time it includes Antiques Roadshow and a bit of thievery. In the meantime Quinn is having a book launch for undead author Bartholomew. The book launch goes well until a body turns up in the new bed and breakfast. Did Bartho...
  • Myra Ball
    Nov 07, 2020
    Excellent Read This is such a great series. The book is just long enough to have details that pull the reader into the story but without a lot of fluff that fills up pages. I was hooked from the first chapter with it's likeable and eclectic characters. Even old Biddy adds humor...
  • Tricia S.
    Feb 02, 2021
    Quinn is hosting a book launch for one of the vampires, Bartholomew Branson. The next day a body is found and Quinn must find the killer. I look forward to listening to this series. It always makes me laugh and a light cozy mystery, a great way to unwind and relax. Quinn is such a lika...
  • Lisa
    Nov 07, 2020
    A Spelling Mistake is the third book in the delightful Vampire Book Club series but it is also a perfect stand-alone. Witch Quinn Callahan reluctantly agrees to host a posthumous book launch for recently turned Vampire and author Bartholomew Branson. Little did she know that it would l...
  • Catherine
    Nov 03, 2020
    Celebrity thriller author and newbie vampire, Bartholomew Branson, bemoans the fact that his last book, publishing posthumously, leaves him unable to attend the launch and gala. Quinn Callahan offers to feature the book in the front window of The Blarney Tome, her bookshop. Before she ...
  • Katja
    Nov 06, 2020
    Nancy Warren?s books bring me so much joy! - Especially if you want to escape for a moment and want to give yourself some nice relaxing reading time! Nancy?s books are the ones I really look forward to! In This 3rd book of the Vampire Book Club series you will find out how well ...
  • Rebecca
    Nov 01, 2020
    This is a terrific series with intriguing characters whose relationships continue to deepen as the mysteries, big and small, drive the plot forward. Since this book delves into the publishing world, I imagined Ms. Warren rather gleefully using her first hand knowledge of the twists in ...
  • Kat Taylor
    Nov 03, 2020
    Third times a charm and this certainly is a charming clean cozey murder mystery. If you enjoy vampires ,witches and murder all written into a scandal of betrayal, deceit and pompous literary caracters you won't want to miss out on this delightfully comical and mischievous cozey mu...
  • Lada Onyshkevych
    Nov 07, 2020
    Best in this series! I'm a fan of this and other series by Nancy Warren. This book is my favorite in the Vampire Book Club series so far. Loved the mystery, and loved Quinn and Lochlan's wager and working in parallel. I like seeing an older heroine , and enjoy seeing her c...
  • Lynn Wade
    Nov 04, 2020
    Set in a beautiful Ireland (not been myself but the description is making me want to go!), with a growing group of people - witches, vampires.....murder! Our heroine is a witch, not young but still in her prime.....thinks outside the box. As with Nancy's other books, we grow to ...
  • Anne
    Nov 08, 2020
    This is the third book in the Vampire Book Club series by Nancy Warren. The town of Ballydehag is very busy with the opening of a b&b and a book launch. But then things start to happen and Quinn and the vampires are up to their eyeballs in mystery ,intrigue and mayhem. An enjo...