Bitten by the Beast

Bitten by the Beast

Juliet Simon gets herself into all kinds of situations, but breaking into the scary mansion near her college campus has got to take the cake. When she finds more than she bargains for behind closed doors, will her fear take over, or will she fall for the beast? Kane Viscardi is unlike other vampires. He?s spent most of his time hiding away and is alone in the world without Juliet Simon gets herself into all kinds of situations, but breaking into the scary mansion near her college campus...

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Title:Bitten by the Beast
Author:Alexa Riley
ISBN:Virgin Blood #1
  • Bitten by the Beast
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Bitten by the Beast Reviews

  • Richelle Robinson
    Oct 06, 2018
    Ever since I read the Fairytale Shifter series by Alexa Riley, I have been hoping they would do a Vampire series as well. I am so happy they finally listened to me and many others because this book was so good! The first book sets the tone for the whole series and I can tell this will ...
  • Heather C
    Oct 05, 2018
    "Our souls were connected in the starts long before you were born, my love." Vampires and classic AR, could it get any better than that? As part of her initiation, Juliet jumps the fence to what is considered a haunted mansion. Little did she know that the second the door opens,...
  • April Symes
    Oct 05, 2018
    Wait ! Alexa Riley does Vampires ?! Yesss!!! Alexa wrote something hot, sexy and new which I liked. It was bloody sweet and sizzling hot at the same time. Alexa Riley is writing about Vampires finding their mates have me sitting up, at ready, at attention as soon as I heard it was happ...
  • *Dee's Book reading time
    Oct 05, 2018
    Juliet and her line sisters are pledging a sorority and were dared to go to a supposedly haunted house near the college. She's committed to the sisterhood vibe due to her being a foster child so she takes part in the dare as a team building activity but her sisters not much. As she is ...
  • Jen
    Oct 09, 2018
    Another fast, sexy read from Alexa Riley; this time with vampires! I quite enjoyed it! ...
  • Kelly
    Oct 04, 2018
    Just when I thought Alexa Riley's books couldn't get any better, they proved me wrong! We get deliciously, OTT vampires! Alexa Riley brings a fresh new twist to vampire romance, and I'm excited to see where they take it next! A bloody beautiful start to a brand new series! 4 b...
  • Stacie
    Oct 07, 2018
    4 "Super Cute" Stars! This was Alexa Riley at their best. And a bit of a twist on vampires. I kinda loved it; just what I was in the mood for. Can't wait for the next one. Happy reading ...
  • Jennifer Finn
    Oct 05, 2018
    This is the first book in the Virgin Blood series by Alexa Riley. I don?t normally read vampire books but since it was AR I figured I?d read it and I?m glad I did. Juliet was pledging a sorority and her and three other girls were given a dare. They had to knock on the door of a l...
  • Elizabeth Neal
    Oct 04, 2018
    One of my favorite writing duos is writing vampires? *grabby hands* Kane isn't your typical vampire. I know, I know, that sounds weird considering they aren't real, but bear with me...for this reality he isn't. He spends most of his time hiding from the world. In all his years, he h...
  • Nova
    Oct 05, 2018
    Well this book I loved short, but filled with cute moments, passion and a forbidden love. Juliet has never really fitted in so has decided to join a sorority so her and the other pledges are sent to the scary mansion to knock on the door only they all desert her and she does it alo...
  • Maya
    Oct 07, 2018
    I feel like I read nothing but PNR these days. And I like it. So, when I saw that Alexa Riley wrote a PNR book I just had to read it. The story still has the typical Alexa Riley M.O. You still get lots of smut, OTT heroes and sweet heroines. But what's new in this story is the whole PN...
  • Deborah
    Oct 25, 2018
    I really liked this. These authors have given us vampires with a difference. New vampires are given venom at the time of their change and it gives them two hundred years of life. They don?t drink blood and if they haven?t found their mate within the two hundred years they di...
  • Jamie (The Kansan Reader)
    Oct 09, 2018
    Ending kind of sucked ...
  • Susani
    Oct 06, 2018
    3.5 stars ...
  • Astraycat
    Oct 08, 2018
    Ok read?the plots constantly reminded me of Twilight? ...
  • AvidReader
    Oct 16, 2018
    Recommended. ...
  • Alexa Riley
    Oct 04, 2018
    She's LIVE!!! LINK: ...
  • Maria
    Oct 07, 2018
    This is a great start to the series. Cannot wait for more!!! ...
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    Oct 02, 2018
    I don't think I ever read this version of vampires. Alexa brought something new and I liked it. It was bloody hot and sweet at the same time. And I loved how possessive Kane was. Add that he's a vampire.... Yeah, it feels dreamy. ...
  • Amara
    Oct 04, 2018
    No. Too much plot, not enough smut. And did we really need a virgin vampire? Please stop with unbelievable virgin heroes. And virgin vampires. ...
  • Misty Walker
    Oct 04, 2018
    As an AR junkie, I will read anything by them. Even vampires when I don?t enjoy PNR. But I have to say that they did a good job. Juliet is the virgin (although the vamp is too) and doesn?t feel like she belongs anywhere. When she is tricked into knocking on the door of the creepy t...
  • Lynn Thinking out loud
    Oct 02, 2018
    Yes! yes! yes! What is better than an Alexa Riley book? An Alexa Riley over the top possessive alpha vampire book. Loved it. Highly recommend reading it. ...
  • Sophia Triad
    Oct 11, 2018
    Kane and Juliet It has been a while since I read my last Alexa Riley's book, but I think I have definitely missed the innocent goodness of her books, their happy endings and the constant breeding factor that it is important somehow to be embedded in their stories. This time the s...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    Sep 26, 2018
    WAIT WAIT WAIT..!! AR IS WRITING ABOUT VAMPIRES NOW?! *SCREAMS* P.S. By virgin blood, do they mean hymen sucking? Well let's just wait and see! I KNEW IT! Lmaooo! "Bitten by the Beast" is the story of Juliet and Kane. It's October and AR have created their own world of ...
  • ♡Tonya♡
    Oct 05, 2018
    AR slayed this vampire story.... I just fell in love all over again with Alexa Riley! Such a great story. This was their classic work with a paranormal spin and it totally worked for me. The vampire backstory was simple. Yet informative. Enough to know that vampires aren't as bad as...
  • ♡Tonya♡
    Oct 05, 2018
    I just fell in love all over again with Alexa Riley! Such a great story. This was their classic work with a paranormal spin and it totally worked for me. The vampire backstory was simple. Yet informative. Enough to know that vampires aren't as bad as one may think! Well done ladies! ...
  • Ruby Ap.
    Oct 03, 2018
    I loved everything about Kane and Juliet's story and I can't wait for the next story to release because it's Ravana's turn to find her mate and get her HEA like Kane and Juliet have together ? ...
  • María
    Oct 05, 2018
    This one felt less developed, even for Alexa Riley. ...
  • Sabrina The Trash Queen
    Oct 10, 2018
    The vampire aspect was really cool, more yet when is the first time they wrote about it. AR is always a good choice for short, sexy, fun books to read. ...
  • Jill
    Oct 05, 2018
    4 Stars! ...