The Flash, Volume 8: Flash War

The Flash, Volume 8: Flash War

The Fastest Man Alive continues his monumental run in The Flash Vol. 8: Flash War! One of the biggest Flash adventures starts here, with a special story starring the classic Wally West, who's conflicted over whether to let Iris West know he is alive--and he'll need the help of the Flash to figure out what to do! But when Magenta, Wally's old love, needs his help, the Flash The Fastest Man Alive continues his monumental run in The Flash Vol. 8: Flash War! One of the biggest Flash adventu...

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Title:The Flash, Volume 8: Flash War
Author:Joshua Williamson
Genres:Sequential Art
ISBN:The Flash (2016) (Collected Editions) #8, The Flash (2016) (Single Issues) #46-51, Annual #1
  • The Flash, Vol. 8: Flash War
  • The Flash (2016-), Vol. 8: Flash War
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Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:144 pages pages

The Flash, Volume 8: Flash War Reviews

  • Tim
    Dec 28, 2018
    What I wouldn't give for the Flash to be good again... I'm only giving this two stars because it was nice to see Howard Porter and Scott Kolins drawing the Flash again. ...
  • Kat
    Feb 17, 2019
    Basic Plot: Wally West and Barry Allen run to save Wally's kids from the speed force, which has disastrous consequences. Wally is a mess. Trapped in the speed force, having weird hallucinations, hunting for a family that may or may not actually be there, basically angst personified...
  • Robert
    Jan 28, 2019
    Goofy time travel? Power of love trumps all? Strange new, universe redefinging forces left unused and unexplained? So yeah, a typical rebirth Flash comic. ...
  • Lindsey
    Jan 16, 2019
    I?m really confused. I thought Wally had a heart problem. Now he has temporal seizures? I don?t understand what is happening with Rebirth. Everything is so fragmented. Nothing seems consistent from one issue to the next. Also, why is everything the end of the world? Literally! ...
  • Alan
    Aug 07, 2018
    I don't know if any of the reasons I chose to read this story arc are good ones, but here they are: I wanted to see how much of a mess they had made of the Wally West character with of the various re-boots, retcons, etc. of the past few years. I wanted to see how this was going to ...
  • Wayne McCoy
    Jan 01, 2019
    'The Flash, Vol. 8: Flash War' by Joshua Williamson is a big epic story about Barry Allen and Wally West that includes time travel and lost memories. I should have liked it more. Wally West has been found alive, and while he is debating whether to tell Iris, he gets caught up in a t...
  • Daniel Butcher
    Feb 17, 2019
    I found it an investing take comparing Wally to Barry..their mistakes and their takes on family. And how does it feel to be the forgotten Wally (which could be either). ...
  • Scott Lee
    Jan 17, 2019
    There are elements here that work wonderfully, and ultimately I'm really happy with it, are some things that just feel so repetitive...I both love and hate that a Flash wanting to time travel to solve his problems is part of this. In a way, it's entirely human and be...
  • Ronald
    Jan 29, 2019
    I liked it but I just felt like the flash/wally were both really selfish in this story its great but I just think they need to have already learned from previous mistakes. ...
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Nov 18, 2018
    I received a copy of The Flash Vol. 8 in exchange for a fair and honest review. Wow is there a lot that happens in this volume! Okay, I know. I really shouldn?t be surprised by that, considering it?s the Flash and all. But still! I?m always impressed by how much they?re a...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Oct 25, 2018
    [Read as single issues] In the far-flung future, Hunter Zolomon plots the demise of not one but two Flashes, and his scheme sends the Renegades, the law-abiding, future dwelling versions of the Rogues, into the past with one goal ? capture Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne...
  • Lukas Holmes
    Feb 19, 2019
    I'm done. This is where I leave the Flash far behind. I mean, how many times are they going to do this? Storylines undone, time travel, storylines back!, time travel, undone, travel, back, undone, back, travel, travel, back, undone. Look! A character is back! Just kidding, gone. Just k...
  • Greg
    Nov 25, 2018
    Nice illustrations, art and story woven into one. This would be the 2nd time this year that I am reviewing a graphic novel. While it is a deviation from my to read list, reading graphic novel is one way for me to add variety to my readings. This book is about Barry Allen and Wally W...
  • Diego López Ocón
    Aug 28, 2018
    This thing had it's bigs ups and downs, sadly, they couldn't truly get all the potential that a Wally West rebirth story could get. Lots of throwbacks to the past (the pre-Flashpoint Flash family) but it just isn't enough to throw a lot of nostalgia to get a great story. So far, no...
  • Marissa
    Jan 28, 2019
    WALLY WEST FOREVER!!!! ;___; ...
  • Lukasz
    Dec 16, 2018
    Zoom plots against Barry and Wally, who?s just escaped the SpeedForce. Williamson has plenty of good ideas and he continues to surprise the reader. That said, I cansee a casual reader or Flash occasional reader scratching head while trying to understand flashbacks and back storie...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Nov 30, 2018
    The Flash Vol 8: Flash War describes the human feelings driving some of the Flash Family to despair. The holiday season is when you get together with your family and remember those who were taken too soon. The Flash Family is no different. Wally has the holiday blues and is missing ...
  • Chad
    Dec 28, 2018
    This volume really highlights what I don't like about this Flash run. Both Barry and Wally are both shown to be petty and selfish. Neither of them are really heroes at all in this. That's been my problem with Barry Allan with in general as part of the New 52. He constantly does whateve...
  • Wing Kee
    Aug 26, 2018
    Illogical and simply poorly written. World: The art I?m sorry to say is fugly, it?s scratchy, the colors are flat and there are no personalities coming out from the art, the tone and feel of the art is 80s budget. The world building is also spotty at best and illogical and stupi...
  • Theediscerning
    Nov 30, 2018
    One and a half stars for an inanely convoluted advert for the Flash wiki page. Nobody else will be able to follow this dross. It livens up at times when it becomes clear it's a sequel to all the Flashpoint nonsense (for which, of course, seeing how great that publisher-wide reboot was,...
  • Brian Poole
    Jan 30, 2019
    Flash War collects a pivotal arc in the current Flash series, with major emotional stakes and developments that provide hints of where DC?s overarching story is headed. Wally West has had his memories of the pre-Flashpoint world restored, clashing with his present reality and torm...
  • শুভঙ্কর শুভ
    Oct 02, 2018
    ?????? ???? ???? ...
  • Chris W
    Dec 21, 2018
    For the most part , it has a good premise but didn't hit the mark until the end. It got too convoluted and bogged down with time travel and sci-fi mumbo jumbo when it should have slowed down and focused on the characters. Wally West had literally lost his entire life: his wife, kids, l...
  • Aldo Haegemans
    Nov 06, 2018
    3,5/5 ...
  • Alí Flores
    Feb 05, 2019
    Hmmmm, maybe I was expecting too much from this event or maybe it's just bad. This is like a Wally West Flashpoint, he wants to rescue his family. It's pretty bad. ...
  • Robert Jones
    Nov 20, 2018
    I have to admit, this is the first Flash comic I have read so far. I absolutely love it, the suspense and anticipation, you would never expect the big reveal. With Barry Allen and Wally west racing to save time, who knows what will happen? All I know is time is running out. The aut...
  • Hugo Cheung
    Aug 31, 2018
    Book's awesome. Talked about the conflict between the two Flashes so well and also their relationship with the Reverse Flashes. It also had great impact on the DC universe, bringing the different forces. Epic-Cool. ...
  • Alexandra
    Nov 19, 2018
    This volume was excellent. It told such a great story, and the artwork was incredible too. The Flash has been one of my favourite heroes for a few years, and the reverse flash storylines have always intrigued me. In short, this was a joy to read. ...
  • Georgie
    Dec 25, 2018
    In one corner we have KSI... sorry I meant WALLY WEST and In the other corner we have LOGAN PAUL... god what?s wrong with me sorry BARRY ALLEN THE FLASH. basically Wally?s getting his memories back but is also having seizures so Hunter Zolomon takes advantage and tricks Wally in...
  • Aidanmark30
    Dec 29, 2018
    This had a rocky beginning, but it was so good! The book is about: Hunter Zolomon convinced Wally West that he could save his kids if he broke the speed force barrier. When they ran so fast and broke the speed force barrier it released all these new forces. Such as the Saga force, the ...