Mist, Metal, and Ash

Mist, Metal, and Ash

Worlds collide in this thrilling sequel to the epic, imaginative, acclaimed fantasy Ink, Iron, and Glass. In an alternate 19th-century Italy, Elsa has an incredible gift: she can craft new worlds with precise lines of script written in books. But political extremists have stolen the most dangerous book ever scribed?one that can rewrite the Earth itself. Now Elsa must track Worlds collide in this thrilling sequel to the epic, imaginative, acclaimed fantasy Ink, Iron, and Glass. In ...

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Title:Mist, Metal, and Ash
Author:Gwendolyn Clare
ISBN:Ink, Iron, and Glass #2
  • Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron, and Glass #2)
  • Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron, and Glass Book 2)
  • De brume, de métal et de cendres (D'encre, de verre et d'acier, #2)
  • 111x148
  • 111x148
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~Vinyl♤♡◇♧ On her page it said this was going to be a duology, but you never know.
~Vinyl♤♡◇♧ On her page it said this was going to be a duology, but you never know.

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Mist, Metal, and Ash Reviews

  • Mandy
    Feb 27, 2019
    2.5/5 This book falls prey to the Bridge Book Blues: too much transition and not enough plot progression/real action. Check out my full review at Forever Young Adult. ...
  • Jan farnworth
    Feb 09, 2019
    This is the sequel to the amazing debut Ink, Iron, and Glass. This series reminds me a lot of the Map Makers series. I find the concept of being able to create worlds out of words is an amazing concept with so much potential. This series does not let you down with its excitement, dange...
  • Cathy
    Nov 06, 2018
    (Publication date: February 19, 2019 Pre-order today) Dammit, sucked in again!!! Alternate world/fantasy authors love the sequel. YA authors love the trilogy with some novellas tucked in between. So a YA alternate world/fantasy author? I should know better, but this is really my per...
  • Melissa
    Mar 08, 2019
    I liked this one even more than the first. It was up and down, with our hero's getting some super twists and turns. The ending seemed a bit rushed to me, but I still liked it. And after the epilouge, I feel like there just might be another book. I hope so!! ...
  • Michelle
    Jun 10, 2019
    This is a great, well written book. We get to know the characters a bit more and a few new characters are added. I enjoyed this book very much. ...
  • Mrs. Kenyon
    Jan 26, 2019
    It is the nineteenth century in Italy and Elsa can create new worlds using script that is written in books. That is a powerful gift and someone has stolen the most powerful of these books ? this book can rewrite the Earth. Can Elsa trust someone who betrayed her in order to find the ...
  • Susan
    May 13, 2019
    It didn?t take me long to get back into this story. Elsa and her new friends believe that Leo has betrayed them by returning to his father?s side. Unknowingly to them, Leo is trying to keep Elsa safe in the only way he knows how. A bit slow at times, the action picks up at the end....
  • Kelsey
    Mar 17, 2019
    Good sequel. ...
  • Ashley
    Mar 22, 2019
    Review to come ...
  • Tamara Morning
    Feb 21, 2019
    Title: Mist, Metal, and Ash Author: Gwendolyn Clare Genre: YA, fantasy Rating: 4.0 out of 5 In an alternate Italy, Elsa can create new worlds by writing in books. Special writing. Special books. Special talent?and one that puts her in danger when political extremists steal a bo...
  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    Mar 14, 2019
    I've tried but I think I just need a little break and will come back later. ...
  • Kelsea
    Dec 18, 2018
    **This review WILL contain spoilers for the first book Ink, Iron and Glass. Please read at your own risk!** Quick Summary: - Loved the unique concept of scribing worlds and all the pazzerellone inventions! - Took a lot longer for me to become engaged in this book and I felt like ...
  • Adriana (SaltyBadgerBooks)
    Mar 11, 2019
    I liked it better than the 1st book since I already had an idea of the type of world we were in. It still all felt a bit strange and like information was missing There were also a ton of storylines that I felt like were left unfinished? So I'm not sure if there is going to be a 3rd ...
  • Kat
    Nov 03, 2018
    #NetGalley #YARead2019 What an incredible second novel! No filler book here. Mist, Metal, and Ash is excellent sequel. I feel like this book is better than the first one. The characters are more polished and the story line develops at a steady pace to keep the reader hooked. I recomme...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Feb 01, 2019
    Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron, and Glass #2) by Gwendolyn Clare, 336 pages. Imprint (Macmillan), Feb 2019. $19 Language: PG-13 (33 swears, 0 ?f?); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG-13 (some blood and bodies) BUYING ADVISORY: MS - ADVISABLE AUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGE Elsa ...
  • Forever Young Adult
    Mar 03, 2019
    Graded By: Mandy C. Cover Story: Pretty Messy BFF Charm: Meh Swoonworthy Scale: 4 Talky Talk: Magic, But Missing Bonus Factor: Power of Books Anti-Bonus Factor: Bridge Book Blues Relationship Status: You?re Good? That?s Good. Read the full book report here. ...
  • The Grimm Reader
    Apr 04, 2019
    I really loved this series. It was different from anything I have read in a while. The world was creative and inventive, offerings its own quirks and magic. It combined a new magical world with out own set back in historical Italy. It a pleasant treasure to read. In the first book ...
  • Margaret
    Apr 22, 2019
    As a librarian, I was captivated by the notion that a skilled scriptologist could literally bring a constructed world to life through words alone. AND that one had to be particularly careful not to ensnare a living person by these same "magic" words or else the "textualized" person bec...
  • Lisa
    May 28, 2019
    I really loved this sequel to Ink, Iron, and Glass. It was just a ton of fun with non-stop action and adventure, and danger levels that kept the tension high throughout the story. First off, the world-building in this duology is really fun and unique. I love the idea of the pazzerel...
  • Bookish Llama
    Jun 07, 2019
    2.5 Stars ...
  • Meghan
    Oct 09, 2018
    We were anxiously waiting this installment because this series totally reminded us of the inkheart series plus after reading the latest installment of the invisible library series, we had a lot of useful information to inspire this review. First off, we absolutely love Elsa and what sh...
  • kelsey
    Mar 14, 2019
    another 3.5 !! i feel like i was a bit disconnected from this because i listened on audio while i drove and zoned out a fair bit but it was still super enjoyable! once again porzia is the best girl in the world and the entire duology was worth it for her chara arc and every scene shes ...
  • ✨Gayatri ✨
    Mar 03, 2019
    The first one was a lot better. ...
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    Mar 08, 2019
    For a sequel to an amazing first book, MIST, METAL, AND ASH was facing some very high expectations from me. Unfortunately, it did not meet as many of them as I had hoped, but was ultimately a good book. Leo is reunited with his family and has to delve deep into the secrets regarding...
  • Ashley
    Mar 18, 2019
    Wow!!! I absolutely loved this book! The second book to the Ink, Iron, and Glass series continued the characters, plot, and relationships in a new way. Elsa, still hurt by Leo, needed to find the editbook. The gang, putting everything on the table had to find the editbook, but also get...
  • Lina~Blackbird Queen
    Apr 06, 2018
    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! I need to know what happens to everyone. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to read this book so soon... ...
  • Lynzy
    May 10, 2019
    2.8 The idea of these books, really really great and creative. I just can?t bring myself to care about the characters AT ALL. Then the books follow a formula and everything becomes convenient. I just can?t anymore. ...
  • AButifulNightmar
    Apr 04, 2019
    I liked the first book so much more. To be fair I had just finished a few books that I had thoroughly enjoyed and maybe that plays a small part. I just couldn?t stay focused through most of this book. I had been wanting to get to this second book after really enjoying the first b...
  • Shery Werbelo
    Feb 01, 2019
    *It?s more like 3 1/2* I finished this ebook ARC today. I feel like I am just as middle ground on this one as I was with Ink, Iron and Glass. The characters were great and the pace was good. Some plot points were easy to see coming, and some were convenient but overall the story was ...
  • Ollie
    Apr 06, 2019
    A solid conclusion to a series that had a brilliant concept but poor execution. The pacing for the series continues to be slightly off, the twists are not telegraphed at all but to a point where it makes no sense. Every time something happened it was brushed aside and largely moved beh...