The Sandman Universe #1

The Sandman Universe #1

The story is plotted by Gaiman and written by Spurrier, Hopkinson, Watters and Howard, featuring art by Bilquis Evely with cover art by Jae Lee. Daniel, the lord of Dreams, has gone missing and it causes chaos in the kingdom of dreams?A rift between worlds has opened, revealing a space beyond the Dreaming. Meanwhile, a book from Lucien?s library of all the unwritten books e The story is plotted by Gaiman and written by Spurrier, Hopkinson, Watters and Howard, featuring art by Bilquis E...

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Title:The Sandman Universe #1
Author:Neil Gaiman
Genres:Sequential Art
ISBN:The Sandman Universe
  • The Sandman Universe (2018-) #1
  • 111x148
  • Sandman Universe vol. 1
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Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:48 pages pages

The Sandman Universe #1 Reviews

  • Alejandro
    Sep 25, 2018
    The Sandman Universe gets bigger! This is a special one-shot introducing the storyline to be developed in the incoming DC Vertigo comic books: ?The Dreaming?, ?Books of Magic?, ?House of Whispers? and ?Lucifer?, forming the new ?The Sandman Universe?. Cr...
  • Tim Nowotny
    Dec 05, 2018
    Yes, this is playing very closely to nostalgia, but you know what? I am in. The artwork is nice and for me it went into some unexpected places. The only hope that I have (especially for Lucifer) is that it somehow ties in a reasonable way ...
  • John
    Aug 08, 2018
    A confusing rant written much too late at night. Sometime ago, perhaps around the time of the New 52, or when it became evident to corporate and editorial that the reboot was a creative and commercial failure--a shift occurred. A crack formed in the DC Universe. It at first perhaps...
  • Bill
    Sep 28, 2018
    Growing up as a child of the 80s, there used to be these Saturday morning cartoon preview shows on prime time television. With a mish-mash plot and guest stars from random other shows, they'd promote all the shows they wanted kids to watch in the next season. (The one I particularly re...
  • Michelle
    Aug 08, 2018
    Goosebumps! So happy to be back in The Dreaming. Artwork is amazing! ...
  • Patrick Hurley
    Aug 12, 2018
    Well, crap. Looks like I'm going to be spending money on comics again every month. Super excited to find out what's going on in the Dreaming, with Daniel, Lucifer, and learn more about Erzulie. Fantastic new authors for one of my favorite series. Can't wait! ...
  • Sam Quixote
    Aug 09, 2018
    Like DC Universe Rebirth #1 a couple years ago, The Sandman Universe #1 is a one-shot sizzle reel showcasing the upcoming line?s titles. And, like DC Universe Rebirth #1, The Sandman Universe #1 buh-looooooows! There are four new Sandman spin-off comics on the way for any emo goff...
  • Mel
    Aug 20, 2018
    I promise I'll like something again soon... But quite meh! It started in the dreaming very obviously not scripted by Neil Himself. It just felt awkward. It wasn't really a story just an introduction to the latest Dreaming inspired spin offs. Now Sandman has had spin offs before, Lucife...
  • Carbonbased Bookworm
    Aug 20, 2018
    Hm hm hm... hard to say anything about this right now... it is simply too short for making any justified judgment. ?Just tell great stories?, Neil Gaiman said to four writers of upcoming 4 series from Sandman universe (The Dreaming, Books of Magic, House of Whispers and Lucife...
  • Arjun Iyer
    Aug 23, 2018
    Blurb: In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was with Dream, and the Word was Dream. Pardon the biblical nature of the blurb, but I could not help myself. Neil Gaiman's Sandman has always been to me like the first religious sermon one receives as a child; beyond compr...
  • Book Nerd Shenanigans
    Aug 20, 2018
    Solid way to start the Sandman Universe and tie all the different comic series together. I?m excited to see where these go even though I?m usually skeptical about reboots. Neil Gaiman chose all the writers and artists so I?m cool with all of this. ...
  • Cale
    Oct 15, 2018
    I appreciate the way the stories are tied into each other, rather than just having short previews of the four series that are branching off of the Neil Gaiman classic series. There are some hints of interesting things to come - the Books of Magic teaser brought back fond memories of th...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Sep 24, 2018
    While being tonally consistent with the original Sandman series with illustrations that really gave me genuine 90s nostalgia, The Sandman Universe #1's main problem is its main plot: Dream is missing. It's been a joy to see those beloved characters like Marv, Lucien, Matthew and the br...
  • Dan
    Aug 30, 2018
    Despite the mostly positive reviews this seems to get, there?s a few detractors. Some say it?s a cash grab, as if all products for purchase aren?t for cash. I?m not sure how they determine that other than they walked into this cynical. The other criticism seems to be that this ...
  • Heider Carlos
    Aug 21, 2018
    This is a showcase for the upcoming comic books based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman. So we don't have anything near an ending here. We got a lot of character or situations being introduced. And four new comic books where they'll unfold in the next months. We knew that Sandman wouldn't be...
  • Alexandra
    Sep 09, 2018
    First of all, I didn't give the 3 stars lightly. The art is stunning and refreshing after reading the previous series with the style of the 80s-90s. It's just that the plot seems to become more complicated, meaning that maybe we will not have many appearances of Dream-Daniel. Of cou...
  • Brandon St Mark
    Aug 18, 2018
    An interesting opening issue, however some parts weren't that interesting. I plan on trying all of the titles that'll come out of this, but The Dreaming and Lucifer are the two that seem the most interesting to me. ...
  • Al Young
    Aug 11, 2018
    I regretted the book the moment I arrived home. Damn you DC! Why the buyer's remorse? Well, I saw something with Gaiman's name on it, and my Pavlovian instinct to pick it up kicked in. But, this is Gaiman "at the helm" on a book which is a jumping on point for some new Vertigo b...
  • Wing Kee
    Aug 09, 2018
    A beautiful expansion of the world. This is a single issue so I won?t break down my review into sections like I normally do but share my general thoughts without spoilers. I loved the Sandman series for it?s tone and it?s pacing and this single issue feels like that, there are...
  • Theediscerning
    Aug 06, 2018
    Many readers will be drawn here "with whispers that shone like silver foil and still-cooling eyeballs". It is indeed a welcome return to the librarian, the crows, and the godlike characters that never do what they are supposed to do (or, in other words, a "buncha myths and goddamn meta...
  • Brighton Xerxes
    Aug 11, 2018
    4/5 stars The Sandman story takes on a whole new life as a continuation of the beloved series that introduces 4 new stories set in the Sandman universe. The stiry ends on a cliffhanger, revealing a plot twist in which Daniel, Morpheus's white-clad successor, seems to have quit his jo...
  • James Lawner
    Sep 09, 2018
    This was amazing, but this mostly serves as an introduction/set-up to the new Sandman-related titles coming later in 2018. I personally enjoyed The Dreaming and Books of Magic segments of this issue, but I haven?t actually read their original series, but maybe it won?t be such a bi...
  • William Jackson
    Sep 02, 2018
    Only the second Sandman tale I've ever read, and it left me with the same sense I had towards it from way back in the 90's. Very, very good characters: Daniel, Matthew the Raven, Mervyn, Lucien. A library in the Dreaming for books that will never be written is a stupendous idea. Watchi...
  • Monsour
    Aug 11, 2018
    I'm giving this a 4 because reasons.. I have fix feelings on the ending. Actually I have mix feeling everything they introduce in this. They didn't promise a Sandman Universe issue 2. They just introduce multiple series that some I care and some I dont. Is this an: Expansion...
  • Artemy
    Aug 09, 2018
    For Sandman's 30th anniversary DC decided to celebrate with a blatant editorial cash grab, once again launching (or re-launching) a whole universe based on Neil Gaiman's famous comic book. This one-shot is meant to be a preview of the four new series that are about to start this fall, ...
  • Sylvia Bruggen
    Sep 29, 2018
    This really is a three star book. It's basically a setup for a couple of new series of comic books, of which one earned this book an extra star. I will get to that one later. For the rest, it was a hit and miss. Didn't care much for Lucifer, house of whispers sounded really interes...
  • Danielle  Lucas
    Sep 11, 2018
    This was beautiful. Can't wait to read more of this world. Already have The Dreaming to read! ...
  • Divine Anas
    Aug 09, 2018
    "There is a place, where--for as long as a sleeper can sleep--stories are spun" WOW. JUST WOW. I've plunged into this without any background of The Sand Man, Lucifer, Tim's story, and the Whispers. But, dang. For a short issue, this one had flung me into a surreal world I'm definite...
  • Sean Byrne
    Aug 09, 2018
    An enjoyable return to the world of dreams, even if very little really happens. It's very much apparent that this is meant as an introductory issue for the coming mini-series'. There was just enough bite to keep me interested going forward. ...
  • Katie Blagden
    Jun 16, 2019
    I was so excited to return to the world of The Sandman, however this fell flat. Set after Morpheus' demise and Dream's reincarnation in the form of Daniel, the story suffers in Morpheus' and now Daniel's absence. The story kicks off with Daniel abandoning the Dreaming. The writers ...