4th & Girl

4th & Girl

4th & Goal: A term used when the offensive team is on its final down and the goal line is the line to reach. 4th & Girl: A story where time is almost up, and the girl of his dreams is just barely out of reach. Leo Landry, first round draft pick and the New York Mavericks newest starting cornerback, uses grit, concentration, and sheer determination to make his differ 4th & Goal: A term used when the offensive team is on its final down and the goal line is the line to reach. ...

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Title:4th & Girl
Author:Max Monroe
ISBN:Mavericks Tackle Love #4
  • 4th & Girl (Mavericks Tackle Love, #4)
  • 4th & Girl
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4th & Girl Reviews

  • Jami
    Nov 18, 2018
    *An advance reading copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.* In the final installment of the Mavericks Tackle Love series, we get the story of Rookie Leo Landry. Fresh out of college and first round draft pick by the Mavericks as their newest starting cornerback, t...
  • Nance
    Nov 24, 2018
    So funny was the heroine, Gemma, in this book! She was wacky, and I loved her! And, the hero, Leo, was incredibly sexy and sweet. Their love story was awesome! And, the supporting characters were marvelous too! Looking forward to reading more from these authors... ...
  • Shannon
    Nov 20, 2018
    4.5* Although I (still) haven?t read the first book in the Mavericks Tackle Love series, I feel pretty confident in saying that 4th & Girl is, and will always be, my favorite of the 4. Leo and Gemma are both so adorable! Not every book do you find yourself loving both main...
  • Emma
    Nov 26, 2018
    Wow, I never thought anyone would surpass Kline as my favourite Max Monroe man but I think Leo is right up there with him. He's a good guy with a heart of gold, a hard worker with a sensible head on his shoulders; he oozes charm and kindness. His determination along with his lack of eg...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    Nov 17, 2018
    *I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book* 4.5 Stars The smile on my face has been glued to my face since I started reading this book. I can't get enough of this duo, they never disappoint. Time and time again they deliver and once again this book was no exception. ...
  • Lenore Kosinski
    Nov 26, 2018
    https://celebrityreaders.com/2018/11/... I received a free copy through Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion. 3.5 stars ? This one had so many good moments?moments where I laughed and moments where I swooned?but if I?m being honest, I ...
  • Ginger Snaps
    Nov 20, 2018
    This is the final book in the Mavericks Tackle Love series, which makes me sad because I have LOVED this series. This book was so much fun to read. This book is one of those books that takes you on a wonderful ride you enjoy reading the entire time. I never wanted it to end! While I...
  • Shayna
    Nov 14, 2018
    ?She was my girl. My bombshell mystery package that only I had the pleasure of unwrapping. Mine to kiss. Mine to hold. Mine to taste.? With the cutest, most awkward meet-cute in the history of all meet-cutes, the ladies of Max Monroe has teamed up once again to give us Leo and...
  • Mel
    Nov 19, 2018
    4.5 stars!! From zero to one hundred in less than a second, this adorable fucking creature had not only stolen my attention, but with sniper-like precision appeared to be going straight for my heart as well. Leo Landry is the ?newest first-round draft picks for the New York Mave...
  • Megan
    Nov 17, 2018
    This was such a fun story! I really enjoyed both lead characters, Leo Landry (the rookie Maverick we glimpsed at the end of the Trick Play) and our heroine Gemma who was figuring out what to do with her life through a series of temp jobs. A definite highlight was the eccentric old lady...
  • Shelly (vixenreads)
    Nov 19, 2018
    *Warning: This book will make your cheeks hurt from the constant smiling as you read. 4th & Girl is the final book in the Mavericks Tackle Love series. Each book is interconnected but can be read as stand-alones as each focuses on different players on the New York Mavericks foot...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Nov 22, 2018
    Cute, quirky and smiles galore. Another Max Monroe rom-com, with a hot side piece of football goodness, hit! ...
  • Erin Lewis
    Nov 15, 2018
    5 star review 4th & Girl (Mavericks #4) by Max Monroe Leo Landry is the starting cornerback for the New York Mavericks and although I have no idea what that means it sounds interesting. From the first page to the last I was invested in Leo and Gemma Holden?s story. Full of...
  • Nomims
    Nov 21, 2018
    4.25 stars This book made me laugh out loud a few times and it felt good !! Their first meeting is awkward crazy and a bit disgusting but so funny ! Alma also was a hoot, i'm a fan ! Their love story was sweet and easy, we had to wait a little while before they actually see each ...
  • Escape into a Booksite
    Nov 17, 2018
    *4 Stars* ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. As usual with Max Monroe, this was a fun and fast read. Leo and Gemma's tale begins in the most awkward of ways, and things only get funnier from there. Once they finally reconnect after their weird initial meeti...
  • Veronica LaRoche
    Nov 16, 2018
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LEO. Once you start reading you will definitely lol with Leo & Gemma and Nonna is priceless. This series every guy will make you swoon but Leo will make you swoon hard. I love Gemma & Leo together and their ending was absolutely perfect. Another touchdown f...
  • Nicole P
    May 14, 2019
    Quite a tame book for Max Monroe. Not too much drama or over the top scenes. Couldn't believe it was the last book in the series. Was really hoping Teeny got his own book. All in all, it was an enjoyable, quick read. ...
  • Julia - The Romance Bibliophile
    Nov 17, 2018
    NO SPOILERS! 4th & Girl was the PERFECT ending to the Mavericks Tackle Love series, and my FAVORITE Max Monroe book to date! It was a fun, hilarious, and entertaining standalone romantic comedy, and I absolutely loved it with all of my heart and soul. You can never, EVER go wron...
  • Jackie Wright
    Nov 21, 2018
    I love catching up with my friends and family at the Mavericks and I can honestly say that?s how I feel when I pick up one of Max Monroe?s books because Its like I?m going home. This is Leo and Gemma?s tale and what a funny tale they have to tell. Leo has just been drafted as ...
  • LeeAnne
    Nov 25, 2018
    I was literally so in love with the characters in this book, especially Leos great aunt Alma, I aspire to be as awesome as she is. This book is laugh out loud funny from Leo and Gemmas very first meeting when Gemma manages to spill Leos specimen cup of pee all over both she and him. Ge...
  • Franci Neill
    Nov 19, 2018
    5 Best Meet Cute Stars!!! I?m admittedly sad this is the last book in this series by Max and Monroe, but talk about going out on top. I?ve not been shy about my love for all their words and it seems with each new book I get a favorite. 4th and Girl is no different. I?m IN LO...
  • Isha Coleman
    Nov 18, 2018
    You don't have to be a sports enthusiast to fall in love with a good book. 4th & Girl is a story of hard earned rewards and heartbreaking risks that centers around a love of football and an eclipse of the heart. Monroe breathes life into characters that are captivating, aggravating...
  • Jeannine
    Nov 17, 2018
    Oh so much fun! Leo and Gemma are so cute together. Gemma is kinda stubborn but she?s just trying to figure out what to do with her life. Leo is new so he?s trying to find his place within the team. I think some of the best parts in the story were with his great aunt Alma. Oh my st...
  • Tanja Kezmic
    Nov 17, 2018
    I think this might be the cutest book I've ever read. It was funny, sweet, filled with most embarrassing things happening known to a person. I loved the chemistry between Gemma and Leo. I loved him for wanting the best for her even when she was to scared to do anything about it. I ...
  • Grey
    Nov 20, 2018
    Oh my, I had a serious case of the swoons here. Leo, Leo, Leo. What am I going to do with you? Before I go any further, let me just put it out there, that I voluntarily read an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review. So this book...gah, I laughed. Boy, did I laugh. I la...
  • Ari
    Jun 23, 2019
    *3.5 Stars!* This book should?ve been longer! I didn?t want the cuteness to end. ?? ...
  • Misty (Reds Romance Reviews)
    Nov 19, 2018
    Gemma is kind of stuck in limbo, she was about to start her last year of college, when she realized that she has been pouring all of her heart and soul into something that she can't fathom spending the rest of her life doing. She comes from a family of engineers so it was always expect...
  • Mel Knight
    Nov 19, 2018
    Finally Leo's story and it's absolutely perfect! I thought that I already had a favorite in this series, but Leo Landry has stolen my book heart! Max Monroe continue to write wonderful stories that always deliver the feels. Their attention to detail as well as the crazy plots and lo...
  • Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova
    Nov 18, 2018
    The Mavericks Tackle Love have been a favorite series by far from Max Monroe. I remember when these duo debut and love their unique writing and quirkiness. There is no stopping them for sure with 4th & Girl. They had me falling all over football star Leo and our wonderful heroine G...
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    Nov 17, 2018
    Have you read any of Max Monroe's books? Because you should. Any and all of them. Their brand of humor is completely hilarious and I love all the internal conversations the characters have with themselves. I didn't just laugh, I literally had to put my kindle away because I was crackin...