Tess Bailey: the galaxy's Most Wanted. Captain Tess Bailey is in deep trouble. She and her crew are on the run, pursued by a tyrant who'll take them dead or alive. Tess's best hope is a tall, dark, and much-too-appealing stranger, Shade Ganavan, who says he can help her. But his motivations are far from clear... Shade Ganavan: arrogance, charm...and that special something th Tess Bailey: the galaxy's Most Wanted. Captain Tess Bailey is in deep trouble. She and her crew are on the run, pu...

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Author:Amanda Bouchet
ISBN:Endeavor #1
  • Nightchaser (Endeavor, #1)
  • Nightchaser (Endeavor, #1)
  • Nightchaser (Endeavour, #1)
  • Nightchaser (Endeavor, #1)
  • Nightchaser (Endeavor, #1)
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Amanda I'm so sorry, I didn't see this question until just now. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the Kingmaker Chronicles! Rest assured, I have every intention…moreI'm so sorry, I didn't see this question until just now. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the Kingmaker Chronicles! Rest assured, I have every intention of going back to the Kingmaker world to tell the stories that still need to be told. Beta Team is never far from my mind :)(less)

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Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:416 pages pages

Nightchaser Reviews

  • Mandi Schreiner
    Jan 06, 2019
    I liked this one. Slowed down a bit in the middle, but a fun world with great characters Really enjoyed the heroine! Looking forward to book two ...
  • Lady Heather
    Sep 14, 2018
    Publication Date: January 1, 2019 What an incredible read! This is the first book I've read by Amanda Bouchet, and I was hooked on this story within the first chapter. This is the type of book I wanted to make last as long as possible because the story was so good, but I al...
  • Yodamom
    Sep 12, 2018
    Scrambled, abrupt plot drops, character black holes, unbelievable characters. (possible spoilers) -This started out really good. I loved the action, the mystery man, the ship the mystery. At about 15% everything went wonky. The books is filled with cliches and I saw the big moments com...
  • Soula
    Mar 21, 2018
    I really loved The Kingmakers trilogy, but the final book fell really flat for me when compared to the first two books... I was so disappointed. This story sounds so intriguing - I really really REALLY hope it doesn't disappoint. *fingers crossed* ...
  • Sarah
    Dec 16, 2018
    Tess Bailey is the captain of the spaceship Endeavour, a ship she stole with the help of her entire crew when they all managed to break out of prison in the middle of a riot. They?re all wanted criminals with a price on their heads but instead of laying low they all chose to join the...
  • Chelsea
    Sep 23, 2018
    Review to come, but until then: PREORDER THIS ONE. You're going to want it immediately. ...
  • Betul
    Nov 07, 2018
    **ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review** ~4.5 stars ~ I have dabbled in the Sci-fi genre a couple of times and enjoyed it. When I saw that Amanda Bouchet, who wrote the amazing Fantasy trilogy The Kingmaker Chronicles, was writing a Sci-fi Romance novel,...
  • Katerina
    Sep 09, 2018
    Star Wars meets Robin Hood in this explosive adventure full of betrayals, hot pursuits and SCORCHING romance! Review to come closer to release date! ...
  • ☕️Kimberly
    Mar 10, 2019
    I am not going to lie, this started really slow for me. In fact, at one point I almost DNF'd the audiobook. I think it was a combination of a few things. First, I recently listened to Polaris Rising, which was phenomenal and second the story started out disjointed and I couldn't get my...
  • Beth
    Sep 04, 2018
    Nightchaser was nothing like I expected but more than I ever anticipated. I couldn't help but be swepted away by the world created by Bouchet. I am also pretty ecstatic that I found this new epic space fantasy at the beginning, because I know nothing is going to keep me away from the E...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    Dec 23, 2018
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books. I must say that I ended up enjoying this book quite a bit. It did take me a while to really get into the story but once I did I had a lot of fun with it. I was really eager to read this book since I really liked her boo...
  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Sep 12, 2018
    Title: Nightchaser Series: Endeavor #1 Author: Amanda Bouchet Release date: January 1, 2019 Cliffhanger: Yes HEA(view spoiler)[HFN (hide spoiler)] This is the first installment in the Endeavor series and a little bit of a departure from what I typically read. I enjoyed the ...
  • Dianne
    Oct 30, 2018
    Amanda Bouchet has set the bar high for what promises to be an out-of-this-world series with NIGHTCHASER! Meet Tessa, a skilled thief with the best of intentions! She has her secrets and her reasons for hating the ruling dictator and she has put a bullseye on her back with her last ...
  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    Jan 07, 2019
    Nightchaser is book one in a brand new series, Endeavor, by Amanda Bouchet. It?s got heartache, betrayal, secrets, lose, action, and so much more. I had a delightful time reading Bouchet?s Fantasy trilogy The Kingmaker Chronicles and was excited to read her new Sci-Fi Romance. ...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    Nov 12, 2018
    3.5 stars I was so extremely excited to be able to pick up the first book in Amanda Bouchet?s new trilogy. And since I love a great science fiction novel, I couldn?t wait to start reading. This book had everything that belongs into a fantastic read. A strong, kick-ass he...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    Dec 13, 2018
    She could start a war? You may not know this about me, but I have an aversion to Tentacle Romance. My fellow readers have tried to convert me to loving ?extra appendages? and ?special abilities? but it?s just not for me. Unfortunately, I?m picturing characters like Jab...
  • Ann (annreads)
    Nov 04, 2018
    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Sourcebooks Casablanca for sending me a copy! ?A lot of the men and women who joined the galactic military wore their uniforms all the time because it gave them a power trip?always knowing people would get out of their...
  • Marta Cox
    Dec 31, 2018
    I thoroughly enjoyed this authors recent fantasy romance series and simply couldn't resist this her new sci fi romance one. This the first book sets the scene with Tessa and her fellow crew members trying hard to undermine the ruling minority and helping to support those who are oppres...
  • Hollis
    Dec 19, 2018
    Oh man did I want to love this more than I did. I think it's a pretty decent sci-fi romance series opener but there's just too much happening that the pacing feels a little off. We have a bit of an info-dumpy opener, though we do open up kinda in the middle of things which is both a...
  • SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews
    Jan 09, 2019
    *I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!* 1 ?---- DNFed at 47% When I saw this and got approved for it on Netgalley I was super excited. Even when I started reading, it really started out good???....
  • ◊♦ Naomi
    Oct 04, 2018
    This book was a thrill to read, from beginning to end. I loved every part of it. Amanda Bouchet is already a favorite author of mine, her Kingmaker Chronicles series has had a huge impact on my high fantasy lover heart. Nightchaser is different from her previous books, definitely not i...
  • Carvanz
    Dec 31, 2018
    I can honestly say I?ve never read a book like this one before. This is so sci-fi but with romance and written in such a way that I was totally absorbed into the story from the first page. There is plenty of adventure, drama and action as well as a wonderful chemistry between the her...
  • Christa
    Sep 17, 2018
    Some ends are just a new beginning.... A sci-fi romance with space pirates, fans of Amanda Bouchet?s previous work will enjoy this story. Tess is a space pirate, stealing goods from the rich and giving them to the poor. She has had a traumatic childhood, and her crew is her ...
  • Karina Read
    Sep 07, 2018
    4.5 stars of goodness. A couple of months ago, I finished Heart on Fire, the third book in Amanda Bouchet?s The Kingmaker Chronicles and enjoyed it so much I was desperate to get my hands on more of her work. Luckily for me, I was approved for an advanced copy of Nightchaser on N...
  • melissafandomworld
    Oct 12, 2018
    I fell in love SO HARD with Amanda?s writing and her Kingmaker Chronicles. And Sci-Fi Romance has become one of my favorite genres as well so when I heard she was writing this particular book, I counted myself one lucky fangirl, sigh. a new book from a favorite author in a favorite g...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    Nov 25, 2018
    What a fantastic read! Amanda Bouchet is quite the story teller and I loved this futuristic space world she has created! Tess, the female lead was so fierce and brave. She has such a sense of right no matter the consequences. She's a true rebel at heart. The mystery surrounding her ...
  • Katie
    Aug 16, 2018
    I was first introduced to Amanda Bouchet through her Kingmaker Chronicles series. I'd read a lot of books based around Greek myths but I'd never read anything quite like A Promise of Fire. I'm telling you now that if you haven't read them you need to stop reading this review right now,...
  • Lauren (The Novel Lush)
    Sep 16, 2018
    (Review from ARC read in September) Another amazing book that sucked me in until I binged it in ONE SITTING! It felt good to be sucked into a story like that again. Nightchaser is full of twists and turn, romance, deception, and action. Ah, the action! I caught myself holding my i...
  • alicat ♡➹♡
    Oct 16, 2018
    I really liked Bouchet's Kingmaker Chronicles and was so excited to see she was working on a new series set in space! I have to say she has a knack for writing sexy heroes and some awesome slow burn. She also knows how to write a relatable, smart heroine who I liked from the start. ...
  • Sh3lly (
    Jan 02, 2018
    RELEASE DAY! Review also found at: Non-spoiler review for Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet. Release date: Tuesday, January 1, 2019. Tess Bailey and her crew are nightchasers. They run food, medicine, equipment, and other items to needy ch...