From Bangkok with Despair: (mis)adventures in D.C.

From Bangkok with Despair: (mis)adventures in D.C.

ISBN 13: 9781483917344

Publication Date: March 27, 2013

Pages: 303

Format: Paperback

Author: Tichakorn Khroopan Hill

3.56 of 16

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Freshly Dumped Reporter Goes Girl Interrupted on Revenge Mission scream the tabloids the morning after Thai journalist Joyjira Siriyakorn is dumped by her anchorman boyfriend in front of the entire Bangkok press corps and, blinded with tears, runs amok in her car. Now tabloid roadkill, the fashionista-slash-shopaholic is unemployable in her own country. Desperate to leave it all behind, Joy wins a green card lotto to start anew in America, the land of her dreams. But as soon as she arrives in Washington, D.C., she is up to her spiky stilettos in more hot water. Faced with culture shock and a dire job situation, Joy is convinced her career as a journalist in D.C. will never take off. Just as she decides to ditch her dream, she gets a job offer from a daily newspaper on Capitol Hill.

Joy quickly discovers that keeping a reporting job is way more difficult than getting it. The pressure is on for her to break exclusive stories. Making this task harder, she shares a cubicle with the office backstabber who will do anything to get promoted, and falls for an insanely hot star reporter who just happens to be her competition.

Over the next six months, Joy’s (mis)adventures in America – a full-fledged murder mystery, Thai expats who run afoul of immigration, the outing of her own turbulent past, and an unexpected romance – take the reader on a hilarious and heart-warming journey. Move over Bridget Jones, Joyjira has arrived!

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